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The Cost of Flexism

May 8, 2017 in Jobs-Shared

By Simone McLaughlin | Founder Jobs Shared | May 2017   We’ve all heard of sexism and racism but there’s one –ism that’s not talked about much (mostly because I just made it up): Flexism. That’s discrimination against people either working or wanting to work flexibly. Full disclosure, I didn’t actually make up the term Flexism… […]

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March 3, 2017 in Jobs-Shared

POSTED BY SIMONE MCLAUGHLIN | JOBS SHARED FOUNDER | 3/03/17 The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Be Bold For Change’. And change is what we need to achieve gender equality. So this year I’ve interviewed some amazing women who I believe embody this theme!   Alanna and Jade founders of Femeconomy What […]

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Top 5 tips for managers of job share teams

March 1, 2017 in Jobs-Shared

  One of the most common pushbacks for job sharing comes from middle management and their fear of the unknown. Am I going to have to repeat myself? What if one of the job share team leaves? How will people know who to go to for what? And before it can even start, it gets […]

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Top Five Misconceptions About Job Sharing

January 31, 2017 in Jobs-Shared

Job sharing is one of the best flexible work options out there, providing full-time coverage for the employer, while allowing the employee to actually work part-time because someone else is doing their job when they’re not there. It’s win-win, but despite the many benefits, it’s still not commonplace, and I believe it’s because there are […]

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The best courses for up-skilling for under $50

January 11, 2017 in Jobs-Shared

Kickstart 2017 by learning something new. If you’re on a career break and looking to add a new skill, have a bit of spare time up your sleeve, wanting to develop your career further or just looking to be a bit smug at your next dinner party look no further. Here’s a list of some […]

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Converting the Naysayers

November 23, 2016 in Jobs-Shared

  Yesterday I attended a Diversity Practitioners Association workshop that addressed an issue we all face in the workplace at some point – dealing with the naysayers, and the people who push back. As a diversity practitioner and a startup founder, this is just part of my every day, so I was all for finding […]

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DCC and Jobs Shared

Jobs Shared + Diverse City Careers

November 7, 2016 in Jobs-Shared

Diverse City Careers and Jobs Shared Partner to Increase Gender Diversity within Australian Workplaces Two Australian startups, both led by female CEOs, have joined forces to create one of the most extensive resources for female job seekers and employers in Australia. The new partnership will provide over 30,000 subscribers access to one of Australia’s leading […]

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How to ask for flexible work without being told no.

September 5, 2016 in Jobs-Shared

There are many different types of flexible work options, and I believe there is something for everyone, even the workaholics as outlined in my last post. Once you’ve given some thought to which type of flexible work is right for you, the next step is getting it across the line with your employer (insert dramatic […]

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thinking outside the box

The Best Thing About Flexible Work Options Is There Is Something For Everyone, Even The Workaholic

June 28, 2016 in Jobs-Shared

When you think about flexible work options I want you to stop thinking about parents, or more specifically, mums! It’s not even about work-life balance, it’s just about getting shit done. By Simone McLaughlin 1/07/16 Everyone has stuff they need to do and having the flexibility to do that, without eating into an already jam-packed […]

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Job share speed dating

Australia’s First Job Share Speed Dating Night

June 23, 2016 in Jobs-Shared

Jobs Shared and Share My Job prove two heads really are better than one in finding a solution to the lack of flexibility and gender imbalance within advertising agencies We decided to join forces with Share My Job to take action by creating Australia’s first job share speed dating event, specifically for advertising creatives this […]

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