Job Share Software for Business

Jobs Shared’s bespoke job share software is a version of our Job Share Network platform for use by companies, industry bodies or other networks. The software can be custom branded with search filters that reflect your business needs.

Job sharing is often seen as a solution to help mums return to work after maternity leave, and while it is an excellent solution allowing them to return to their careers, not just a part-time job, it’s so much more than that.

When used as an internal networking resource the platform allows your network to tap into the real power of job sharing, past just a parental leave tool. It creates employee driven solutions, allowing for succession planning, career development, cross-training and mentoring to name a few. It will become one of your most valuable staff retention tools, for use by everyone, not just people looking to work flexibly.

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Ways to use the job share software to solve different problems faced by your business