Who is behind Jobs Shared

Jobs Shared was started by Simone McLaughlin, and ex-advertising exec who realised there was a real problem with gender diversity in the advertising industry. She was sick of reading research and calls for the need for more women at the top, but seeing no tangible solutions – so Jobs Shared was born.

You can read more about her here.

How can I advertise a position on your jobs board?

The jobs shared jobs board is provided in conjunction with Diverse City Careers as part of our partnership. If you’d like to advertise on the jobs board please contact Simone on info@jobsshared.com.au

Alternatively, we can advertise a specific role for you through our social media platforms.

I’m an employer and want to introduce job sharing, can you help?

Wanting to introduce job sharing into your workplace? Of course we can help! We are job sharing experts after all and job sharing in the workplace is our speciality.

We offer consulting to businesses looking to either introduce job sharing or needing more structure around current job share arrangements. For job sharing to be successful it needs to be set up correctly with the right structures and procedures in place.

We provide:

  • One on one training for staff wanting to job share or wanting to improve a current job share arrangement
  • Management training for managers who will have job share direct reports
  • Large group Job Share 101 workshops to introduce job sharing, how it works, who it suits, and best practice in the workplace
  • Producing company specific job share agreements
  • We even do job share speed dating events which are a great way to get the workplace involved in job sharing.

For more information check out our page on workshops and coaching.

Contact us at info@jobsshared.com.au to ask us about a tailored approach for your business.

Are my details safe?

Yes! Very safe. You’ll notice that the URL bar is green – that means we have the best security on our website.  Without boring you with technical talk, a green bar is the highest level of security you can get, and means either a lawyer or a chartered accountant has had to meet with our founder and sign off on a whole lot of paper work to attest to Jobs Shared being a legitimate business with an actual real life owner.

What is job sharing?

Job Sharing Definition

Job sharing is when two people share one job, creating two part-time positions from one full-time position.

There are many ways to share a job, the three most common are Shared Responsibility, Divided Responsibility and a mix of the two. To find out more about job sharing check out our tips for individuals or tips for employers page. The best solution will depend on the job description and industry you work in.

We can help you put together a job share proposal which looks for either a current or potential job. We work through your preferences for work and the job description to redesign a full-time role for job sharing. Using our job share proposal toolkit, we can help you put together a proposal that shows how you can fill a full-time role by job sharing and the many advantages it brings. Click here for a full list of training and workshop packages.

Job sharing, unlike many other forms of flexible work, can really deliver on the work/life balance promise because when you’re not there, someone else is doing your job for you. It’s a win-win for both employers and employees – The employer gets two minds on the one job, can offer flexible work to their employees and have the role filled full time. While the employee can work flexibly while working in a fulfilling role.

Job sharing is not just for mums returning to work, it can be used for succession planning, cross-training, up-skilling, for people wanting to study, for people with caring needs, people wanting to transition to retirement or elite athletes. The applications are many and varied and mostly untapped. So get in touch today and see how job sharing can help you or your workplace.


job share definition

What does Jobs Shared do?

We have created a place for you to meet someone with similar work experience near you so you can become a job share team and apply for full-time positions instead of hunting for elusive part-time positions. Occasionally we will help you find work too. This is a case-by-case situation and fees apply.

Jobs Shared also consults with businesses that are either looking to introduce job sharing or need help structuring current job share arrangements. For job sharing to work, it’s essential it’s set up with correct structures and procedures in place.

Who is Jobs Shared for?

Anyone can use Jobs Shared to find someone to share a full-time role with. Not all industries will be suited to job sharing, but there are many that are, and many roles within these industries. Maybe you’re looking to return to work after having baby, or you might be nearing retirement and want to wind down your work without sacrificing the seniority you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Job sharing can work for women and men of any age.

What does it cost?

You like the idea – but what you really need to know is ‘what does it cost?’

Our job share network platform is 100% free for job seekers to use. We encourage you to create a profile and search the network to find your job share partner. It’s a bit like dating, but instead of looking for a date you’re searching for someone to share a job with.

So how do you make money?

Providing a free place for people to meet other people interested in job sharing is only part of what we do. We also:



How do I connect with other Jobs Shared members?

First you need to send an invite to a member. Once that person has sent you an invite back you can message each other through our Jobs Shared email system.

Am I restricted by how many people I can connect with?

No. You can connect with as many people as you want. Just send an invite and wait for them to invite you back. Messaging can only commence once both parties have agreed to it.

Who will be able to see my personal contact details?

No one can see your personal contact details. Only you will be able to provide these to other members should you want to meet or chat further. You choose how much or how little you’d like to share in your profile.

How many messages can I send and receive?

There are no restrictions on how many messages you receive. The more the better!


Can Jobs Shared help find me a job?

Our main service is providing an online meeting place. However, we will be expanding soon to offer recruitment / head hunting services for a select few. Please email us if you’re interested. This service will incur additional fees.

I found my Jobs Shared partner, what now?

How to find job share jobs

Finding someone to share a job with can be hard work, but what do you do once you’ve found someone? Always make sure you meet with your job share partner face-to-face and work out how you would like to share potential roles. Someone might seem like the perfect match, but until you’ve met face to face you won’t know how well you’ll get along.

There are a lot of considerations you’ll need to be aware of before starting your job share journey, if you’d like some coaching on how to proceed which includes producing a detailed business case, updating your resumes and providing coaching on job share best practice get in touch – This is what we’re good at! Send us an email at info@jobsshared.com.au with the words COACHING in the subject header, and a bit about your situation.

Our coaching is tailored to your needs, it can be done either by Skype or phone (whatever your comfortable with) or in some cases at your workplace.

What to do after you find someone:

  1. Meet in person
  2. Discuss your needs and deal breakers
  3. Plan how you will cover the full time position between the two of you
  4. Create a business plan which you will use to apply for full time roles (we can help with this)
  5. Update your resumes (we have some great templates you can purchase) and ensure you are both using the same template and they contain the same flow of information

Need some more help? Check out the services we provide here

Are the jobs on your website job share roles?

The Diverse City Careers Jobs Board

Together, Diverse City Careers (DCC) and Jobs Shared offer the most comprehensive platform for gender equality and workplace flexibility initiatives for employers in Australia.

Diverse City Careers (DCC) pre-screen employers on their initiatives for supporting women in the workplace before allowing them to advertise, which means they are working with companies that are open to discussing flexible work arrangements. When job seekers are applying for a full-time role as a job share team, these are the companies they want to approach. So while they may not be advertised as job share positions, we are confident that these companies embrace flexibility.