Job Share Tips for Employers

job sharing partnershipBelow are some simple job share tips to help you implement job sharing successfully in your company. Setting up job sharing correctly from the start is essential, and when implemented correctly you’ll see the many benefits of job sharing over other flexible work options.

The benefits

  1. You can offer flexibility and have the position filled full time
  2. Keep your staff – The existence of flexible work arrangements can often be the difference between employees staying and going
  3. Attracting talented staff- There are many highly talented people currently being overlooked due to the fact they choose to no longer work full time
  4. Job share teams mean better business continuity, if one leaves you still retain all the knowledge with other team member (and there will be less downtime)
  5. Job sharers are known for their high productivity
  6. Two heads are better than one – you’ll never find the level of experience and skills two people bring to the job in one person
  7. Job sharing leads to more engaged employees
  8. Greater diversity in the workplace (which is a nice big tick on the WGEA forms) not to mention happy staff.


How to make job sharing work?

  1. Discuss the new role and have a written job share policy covering items such as:
    • Clear job description with defined roles and responsibilities
    • Decide upfront who will lead what, and how projects are to be divided
    • Guidelines in place for following budgets and meeting targets
    • Agreed terms for sick leave / holiday cover
    • Agreed terms for working from home
    • Procedures for reviewing the team and their progress
    • Career planning
  2. Have the policy easily accessible for all company members to read
  3. Be consistent with implementing the policies
  4. If job sharing is new in your business, speak to all management and staff and explain how the new team will work and how the job will be split before they start
  5. Run an education session explaining the viability of job sharing (we can do this for you!)
  6. Have senior staff members vocally championing flexible working hours in the form of job sharing
  7. Have the tools ready for management and HR to assess and set up job share applications
  8. Engage clients that will be involved with the job share team and reassure them of a seamless transition
  9. Proactively discuss the use of job sharing within the company
  10. Offer training and coaching for teams who are struggling or need help getting started (we can do this for you)