Jobs Shared and DCC Jobs

Jobs Shared and DCC Jobs have collaborated to bring together the most comprehensive offering for job seekers and organisations interested in flexibility and diversity in the workplace.


The jobs advertised on the DDC Jobs jobs board are not all job share roles, but they are jobs with companies that support flexible work. And these are companies you should apply to as a job share team. It also means that we are able to expand our reach and encourage new people to sign onto our job share network, which means more chance for you to meet your job share partner.

Who is DCC Jobs?

DCC is a jobs board with a  difference! They ask the hard questions on your behalf to help women find employment in companies that actually want you for who you are. DCC pre-screen employers on paid parental leave, pay equity, flexible working and much more. If they don’t meet our criteria, they simply cannot advertise. This information is not publicly listed elsewhere and is an essential tool in your job search when assessing employers.

We suggest creating a job alert for your preferred job to make sure you don’t miss a great opportunity when it comes up!

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